September 21, 2021
man saying hey I think I found your content

4 Things to Remember When You are Tempted to Post Crappy Content

We've all done it. A late-night deadline, someone called in sick, experts railing on us to post more—these are all things that push us to our limits and tempt us to hit the publish button on content that is less than stellar. Or, let's be honest, it's just crappy. I know you probably think we are here to yell at you. But that's not it because we get it. It's hard to be creative, inspiring, and revenue-generating 100% of the time. We are all human. So, let me clarify. We are not talking about those once-in-a-while subpar posts. We are talking about the pattern that you have gotten into of making your content a lower priority. Companies are making this mistake daily. You've seen lousy content and scrolled past it. And what is the result? It's not about losing a few followers or not getting comments. Bad content ruins your revenue.
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